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Quick Tips for Real Estate Success

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The world of real estate is often fraught with stress, especially if this is your first time selling a property. Before you put your house on the market, you need to pay attention to some key details. In addition to making your home presentable, you need to find the right estate agent.

Address the property's exterior

First impressions are everything, so don't leave prospective buyers with the idea that your property is untidy. Tackle areas such as:

  • Untidy or dead plants and trees
  • Bushes that require trimming
  • Fences that need mending
  • Paintwork that needs updating

When your home glistens from the outside, more prospective buyers will contact the estate agent when they see that 'for sale' sign up.

Let the light in

The wrong lighting will give buyers the impression that your home is drab and depressing. If there are sources of natural light, let it flood in. If not, play with different types of lighting throughout your property until you bring it to life. Other ways to make rooms lighter include painting with neutral colours and adding large mirrors.

Spruce the property up in general

When buyers come to look around your home, they're more likely to buy it if they can picture themselves living there. Doing this is difficult when your property is full of clutter. Before you start showing people around, make sure surfaces are clear and place any unnecessary clutter into storage. Again, using a large mirror is handy, as it'll give the impression of a bigger space. Finally, make sure everywhere smells clean. This may mean using a deep cleaning service or a carpet cleaner, especially if you have pets or smoke indoors.

Find the right real estate agent

This may seem obvious, but not all estate agents are appropriately qualified to promote the property they're selling. Your agent needs to have an up-to-date approach to marketing, a good track record at encouraging people to visit properties, and a great success rate. Try not to head for the cheapest option, as this doesn't always mean value for money. If you have a niche property, such as a house that's next to the beach or a historic building, ask your agent if they have experience in selling them too.

With consistent effort, selling your property will become less stressful. Tactics such as keeping it clean and using neutral colours will make it more appealing to buyers, securing a faster sale.