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A Few Simple Tips for Choosing Your New Retail Storefront

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The storefront you choose for your new retail business will be very important, as customers are not likely to shop in a store they can't find or that looks unwelcoming from the street or parking lot. Certain storefront locations can also mean foot traffic through your front door, helping to increase your store's sales. To ensure you choose the best storefront for your retail business, note a few simple tips on making that choice, and then you're sure to have a storefront or building that is best for your company.

Nearby businesses

You may think that you want to locate your storefront away from similar businesses, but this can be a mistake. While you may not want to open a mattress store right across the street from another mattress store, similar businesses in the area can actually mean more foot traffic for your store.

For example, locating a bakery near a restaurant can result in customers coming into your business after they've had dinner at that restaurant. On the other hand, locating that bakery next to a veterinarian's office isn't going to increase your foot traffic, as customers aren't likely to visit a bakery when they have their pets in tow! Don't assume that you want your storefront to be located away from any and all similar businesses in the area, but consider how another store's customers can easily become your customers when you're searching for a new storefront location.


Frontage refers to how the front of a store looks to outsiders, and this is very important for a retail space, as shoppers gravitate to stores with large windows that allow them to easily see inside the store and note what is for sale. A wider store with larger windows can then attract more customer than a narrow store with small windows.


Consider if customers can quickly and easily get in and out of the parking lot of a storefront; a shopping complex with more than one entryway may be easier for cars to access than a complex with just one entry point. If the entry points are on two different streets, this means even more easy access to the shopping centre, and more vehicle traffic.

Additionally, carefully consider a storefront on a street with high-speed traffic, as drivers may not be able to see your store as they quickly drive by. High-speed traffic can also make it more difficult for vehicles to slow down and enter the parking lot. Keep these factors in mind when considering the access of your new business.