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5 Reasons Why Pre Purchase Building Inspections Are Essential

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Pre purchase inspections may seem like one of those tedious procedures when buying a house that aren't really necessary; however, they play a critical role in protecting buyers from financial loss and safeguarding their families. These reasons will provide more insight regarding the importance of pre purchase inspections.

Ensuring the House is Structurally Sound

There are two major concerns when checking a building for structural issues. The first is safety, and the other is the financial implications. A building with structural weaknesses can collapse and cause injuries and even fatalities.  Additionally, it may require major construction to repair such a house. Again, all buildings must conform to the Building Codes and Standards of Australia. Purchasing a house that doesn't meet these structural requirements will force you to assume the responsibility of renovating the building to adhere to the code.

Budgeting for Repairs

A pre purchase inspection is a thorough undertaking that is performed by professionals. This means that you will receive an accurate assessment of the needed repairs before signing the papers. Skimping on inspection can have costly repercussions as you may purchase a house that needs considerable repairs. After the inspection, you can contact a professional to give you an estimate of the total cost of repairs allowing you to plan.

Pinpoint Safety Issues

Your home is supposed to be the haven for your family. A pre purchase building inspection is the best tool to uncover any aspect of the house that may be deemed unsafe, for instance, the presence of harmful substances such as asbestos. Other hazards include mould, mildew, wall cracks and loose balustrades just to name a few. Discovering these hazards will give you a fair opportunity to decide whether you are willing to proceed with the purchase. 

Identify Fire Hazards

Fire accidents are real, and it is prudent to take precautionary measures against them. Pre purchase building inspections will help you unearth any electrical risks that could lead to electrocution or fire. After this exercise, you will also learn how many smoke detectors are in the building and their condition. You can even be advised to add more for improved safety.

Evaluating Sundry Structures

Additional structures including patios, shades and garages are also subject to inspection. These structures are bound to conform to a set of regulations by the local council although they differ with each shire. If a structure fails to comply with these guidelines, it should be demolished.

While it may be very tempting to opt out of a pre purchase inspection with the aim of saving some money, its importance cannot be overemphasised.