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Move Out Cleaning: 2 Things A Commercial Cleaner Can Do Better Than You

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Moving is an expensive exercise, but it packs a double punch if you don't get your security bond back when you move out of your old rental. This is your first time moving out of a rented property, and you've heard stories from friends who had their bond withheld because they didn't clean their rental house before handing back the keys. You don't want this to happen to you, but you don't know if a commercial cleaning service is worth it. While you think about this, consider these two ways a commercial cleaner can clean your home better than you.

Stainless steel appliances

The stainless steel wall oven and dishwasher in the kitchen sure do look pretty, but they are such a nuisance to keep clean of your kid's fingerprints. Stainless steel wipes are a short-term fix while you're living in the home, but they also leave a residue film which counts against you during the return inspection.

The best and easiest way to clean stainless steel is using a handheld steam machine. Spray the steam onto the appliance, wipe over with a microfiber cloth, and the chore is done. No streaks, no smudges. Since you don't want to buy a steam machine just to clean these appliances, hire a commercial cleaner who already has one in their cleaning arsenal.

Bathroom grout

Grout is one of those cleaning items that everyone has the best of intentions of tackling, but the lure of being outside in the sun won out instead. Now you are moving out of the home, do you have a couple of hours to spare to clean it properly? Probably not.

Bathroom grout needs to be carefully scrubbed to remove all traces of black mould. This may even involve getting into the tiny grout crevices with a toothbrush. You don't have the time to give this task the attention to detail it requires, but a commercial cleaner does. After spraying the grout with bleach, the cleaner will scrub it until it is nice and white again. This task involves heavy duty gloves to protect the hands and a face mask, so the cleaner does not inhale the strong fumes. Leave this job to the professionals.

There is no need to risk losing your security bond when you can hire a move-out cleaning expert to help you out. Even more exciting is that if you don't pass your move-out inspection after using their services, they come back to attend to any outstanding items listed by the real estate agent. That's a win/win for you and your bank account.